Bonus Episode 1 : Bhai Avtar Singh - an extraordinary Kirtaniya

May 21, 2018

Our very distinctive title music is an excerpt from a shabad or hymn, sung by the Bhai Avtar Singh, one of the most distinguished Sikh Ragis or minstrels of modern times. In this bonus episode of The Story of the Sikhs Sarbpreet Singh reminisces about the legend who touched so many hearts through his beautiful music and the extraordinary warmth of his personality.


Bonus Episode 2 : A Ramadan to remember

June 6, 2018

During the holy month of Ramadan a group of Muslims embody the values of the Sikh faith with a breathtaking act of solidarity and compassion.


Bonus Episode 3 When the Guru spoke to me

September 17, 2018

The Guru's Huqm or word, provides comfort on a difficult day.